04 February 2016

A Ruffly Romantic-ish Wreath

Say that title ten times fast!  Whew!  Ok, so I've had this ruffle wreath sitting in my closet half finished for well over a year now.  I even had the extra ribbon stashed away.  While dinner was cooking last night, I got a sudden wild hair and decided to just finish it.

This wreath is actually a smaller one even though it looks big in the photo.

Would you believe that I ran out of ribbon doing this and had to adjust my original idea?  Yep.  Talk about frustrating!

That gap....that's where I ran out of ribbon but I'm glad I did!  I used some Prima flowers I've had forever, some trim, a Prima resin frame and slapped a Relic into it.

Look at that Relic face!  Some Inka Gold paint and some VerDay (my new go-to) on the fly is just how I do things.

This ribbon from May Arts is glorious for this type of wreath.  The wrinkly look and texture just adds so much more depth to me than burlap.  I glues some pearls I had laying around for a bit of accenting.


Supply List:
Box Wreath Form (Hobby Lobby)
Ribbon (May Arts)
Relic "Archangels" (Retro Cafe Art or Sandra Evertson)
Denim Flowers (Prima)
Resin Frame (Prima)
Pearl Balls (stash)
Trim (stash)

24 January 2016

"Just Keep Swimming" With Funky Fish!

Hello to all of my fellow artists and crafters out there!  I hope wherever you are, you are warm because it's COLD here in Okinawa!  I've been huddled inside crafting the day away and dreaming of the summertime.

Judging by this next project I just finished, you'll agree with me.

Aren't the cutest?!  I've never really, REALLY tried my hand with the whimsical but holy cow!  I do love how they turned out!  And the quote, I mean really.  How could anything else other than "Just keep swimming" be used?

The set is call "Fish Sticks Specimen" stand ups from Retro Cafe Art.  The cute li'l eyeballs came from the "Flaming Hearts Ex Votos I" Relics & Artifacts set.  This particular fish's eye is just painted in with black gesso and outlined using a fine tip journaling pen.

The next fish is unique.  She is also collaged using kits from Crowabout Studio and Tumblefish Studio.  But check out her eye!

See that sultry eye?  I used one of my old false eyelashes and actual eyeshadow to get the shading.  And I'm talking the goooood stuff.  Mama doesn't wear drugstore makeup.

This li'l guy is all cherry blossomed out in some awesome paper from Crowabout Studio's "Textured Collage" paper pack.

For the bases, I decided to infuse some true Okinawa into the project.  They are covered in Ryukyu glass.  This glass is blown by hand (or mouth) and it's style is unique to Okinawa.  Any pieces that are made that have imperfections or break, they are smashed into little bits and sold by the box full.

I just love the myriad of color!

I hope my fish inspire you to just keep swimming through this cold winter!  I'm ready for summer!


Supply List:
Fish Stands (Retro Cafe Art)
Eyeballs (Retro Cafe Art or Sandra Evertson)
Papers "Celestial Journal Cards" (Tumblefish Studio)
Papers "Textured Collage" (Crowabout Studio)
Gesso (Liquitex)
Acrylic Paint (Liquitex)
Makeup (Urban Decay)
Pen (Sharpie, ZIG)
Glass (from my stash)

20 January 2016

#2016ArtJourney Meets Wanderlust!

Why hello again!  So I started another "off the page & off the wall" project but while taking a break from it, I decided to mess around a bit in my ol' journal.  See, I'm taking this really cool, year-long class called Wanderlust and am really trying to broaden my #2016ArtJourney horizons.

Art journaling is by far, not my strength.  I figure this, dive into the class, play along, and practice, practice, practice.  Of course, this brings me to another "need" as far as my creative journey goes.  I need to be....

...BOLD!  I broke away from my usual color palette of tropical hues and went with BOLD neon colors.  This worked really well because it's rather crappy outside today so I needed a li'l dose of sunshine anyway.

Some fun with doodles, paint, stencils, and my Gelli Plate is just what this Wanderlust adventurer needed.

What are you doing in your #2016ArtJourney to broaden your horizons and rib your comfort zone a new one?


Supply List:
Gelli Plate
Amsterdam Gouache Paints
Liquitex Liquid Acrylic
Liquitex Gesso
Stencils (The Crafter's Workshop, Dylusions)
Foam Stamp
Kanji Stamps
Sharpie Water-Based White Paint Pen
StazOn Ink Pad
Archival Ink Pad (Ranger)

18 January 2016

Meet "Tabitha" the Steampunk Santos Doll

Hello Muses!  I hope you are all doing well.  This project I have to share with you is a doozy!  It's one I've been working on a little bit at a time over the last several weeks.  I decided to try something very different and go with a full blown steampunk themed project.

Meet Tabitha!  My daughter named her and I think the name works beautifully.

Isn't she just gorgeous?  I used the Steampunk Santos Doll from Retro Cafe Art and just went to town!  I'll admit that I've had her stashed in away in a dark drawer for some time....until.....

....Sandra Evertson's Relics & Artifacts were brought into my world!  These little beauties are so much effing fun to play with.  Look at the doll's head!  Look familiar?  It's a Relic from Figureheads set.

But wait!  How did I get that wonderful droolworthy patina finish?!  There is an amazeballs paint system that my friend, Monica Downing, introduced me to and it's available via Retro Cafe Art as well as Sandra's store.  It's called VerDay and lemme tell ya.  It's over the moon amazing and soooooo stupidly easy to use.  Actually, it's how I achieved the oxidized metals look on the entire piece including the chains.

Her lovely body is simply done using collage.  Some old sheet music, a road map, and this really cool paper from an old @$$ book along with some Mod Podge and I had my bangin' bod.  Slap a stencil down and use the VerDay through it and you too can have  bangin' bod!

Wanna see what's under her skirt?  ::snort::

It's where she keeps her heart!  ::giggle::  Ok, really.  Another fabulous Relic, this one from the Flaming Hearts Ex Votos I set.  This one is painted with some acrylic paint and I LIGHTLY dabbed some VerDay paint over the top.  Once the paint dried, I glued down my incredibly tedious and tiny watch gears using some E6000 glue and a toothpick.  I swear I'll be high and cross-eyed for a week!

You can really see the gorgeous patina on the base.  There's also a bit of stencil work there.

She is easily one of the best things I've cranked out to date and I may or may not have a little bit of a crush on her.  I keep creepy stalker guy staring at her.

Since I know some of you may want to try your hand with one of these dolls, I've listed my supplies below and linked them.  Knock yourselves out....but not with the E6000 glue.  I don't recommend that.


Supply List:
Steampunk Santos Doll (Retro Cafe Art)
Figureheads Relics & Artifacts (Retro Cafe Art or Sandra Evertson)
Flaming Heart Ex Votos I Relics & Artifacts (Retro Cafe Art or Sandra Evertson)
VerDay Paint System (Retro Cafe Art or Sandra Evertson)
Chains (Tim Holtz, personal stash)
Watch Gears (personal stash)
Typewriter Key Bead (Oriental Trading Company)
Seed Beads (personal stash)
"love" Light Bulb (Prima)
Metal Gear (Vintaj)
Damask Stencil (Prima)
Collage Papers (personal stash)
Acrylic Paint (Liquitex)
Gold Alcohol Ink (Ranger)
Mod Podge
E6000 Industrial Glue (Retro Cafe Art)

07 January 2016

Wanderlust 2016 Journal

Hello Muses!  I'm starting my #2016ArtJourney with a bang!  I'm absolutely stoked at the year-long class the awesome hubster got me for Christmas.  I'm participating in Wanderlust 2016.  It's going to be a fun mess, I'm sure!

Part of the class entails keeping an art journal interpreting different prompts that are given through the course.  Since I couldn't find a smallish journal that I absolutely had to have, I decided to make my own and I love how it turned out.

Just look at it!!  That is an upcycled book cover.  And the imagery is perfect because art can be a rather religious journey right?  Don't hate.  You know you love it!

Even the inside cover is awesome!  Because all arty road lead to Rome!  (and maybe some to Jerusalem)  ::snort::

I wanted to include some cool patterned papers inside.  I like a good challenging spread.  ::giggity:: I did make sure to keep them neutral so that my color choices aren't completely limited.

You see some non-neutral pages in there?  Those would be the B sides to the two pagers.  Why not have some fun with colors and patterns right?

The size of my book is 5.5"x8.5".  I did have to cut those lovely 12x12's down to size.  Now what do you suppose I did with the scraps?

I made some mini books!  These are about the length of my cell phone and about an inch wider.

There are 12 pages in each book or 24 pages if you do front and back.  I see a cool little mini album in my future!

Or perhaps a calendar?  Or maybe a mini travel journal?  Who knows but I do love having options!

Be sure to take a look here throughout the year as I'll be posting my journal spreads as I complete them.  Also, use #2016ArtJourney and share with the world what you are creating this year.