04 May 2015

A Phone Case Extreme Makeover!

Good day, Muses!!!  I have a quick question for you.  Do and of you have an old, used up, washed out, phone case lying around but you just don’t want to pull the trigger on a new one?  Do you have a "plain Jane" phone case that needs some pizzazz?   I have the perfect solution!  Bust out some paint, and stencils and ALTER IT!


Good laaaaawd!!  Look at all of that color and texture!  Did I mention Art Anthology is perfect for use on leather?  I'm hard on my phones and have been using this case for a couple weeks now and it still looks brand new.


The full monty, front and back!  Just look at all of that texture and color!!


Talk about baby got back!


This is easily one of the coolest projects I’ve done and I can’t stop staring at it.  Give your phone case an extreme makeover!


29 April 2015

Poppin' Pocket Scrappin'

Why hello Muses!  So as you may know, I've gotten into the whole pocket scrappin' trend and I gotta say.  I love it!  There really is so much you can do with it.  You can use cards from a kit or you can do what I did with my Gelli Plate, Art Anthology paints and mists, and some Viva Las VegaStamps and create your own cards.

Just look at this luscious spread I put together showing our trip up to Nago to see the cherry blossoms and visit the pineapple farm (and tasted some delicious pineapple wine!).

So much color and completely unique, making your own cards is fun and easy!

Pocket Spread (8)

I used Colorations mists and they are the bomb!  Combining Art Anthology, VLVS, and my Gelli Plate made making my own cards super easy, messy, and fun.

Pocket Spread (7)

Some Glorious, Plush, and that fun film strip stamp make these cards pizazz!
Pocket Spread (6)

Some more paint and inky fun but let’s throw the Bubbles stencil and that barbed wire background into the mix.  Oh heck!  Why not stamp with the checkerboard background too!

Pocket Spread (4)

I am totally hooked on making my own pocket scrapping cards and will absolutely show you as I create them.  It’s nearly impossible to make a mistake and it sure as heck takes a lot of pressure off for getting that “perfect” look.  I do hope you give it a try!


05 April 2015


You may remember this piece as one of my last posts before my hiatus.  It came from a very thoughtful place after a lot of soul searching.

I have finally created the second of this series of three.  This one also came as a result of a personal battle I fight.  I have depression and I am coming out of a particularly nasty slump.  This most recent rut started out as anger and then morphed into a deep sadness.  I’m not ashamed and I find that talking about it is rather liberating.

Vida (8)

Each piece of this canvas hold meaning.  The chaos that always seems to be in the background, the chains that sometimes feel like they will never let go, the flashes of happy color through the chaos, the feeling that *I* can’t be seen and the constant reminder that life, vida, has got to be lived.

Vida (7)

I’m lucky to have a very understanding husband who is my rock and my light.  And I always appreciate and understand that I am NEVER alone and if you can relate,  you aren’t alone either.  I’m not ashamed as it’s very much a part of who I am, of my irresistible charm.  ::wink::

28 March 2015

Art Anthology and Art Education Month

Good day Muses!  Did you know that March is art education month?  Have you stopped to wonder what this world would be like without art?  How does art help the community?  How does art help our children learn in school?  What does art teach our kids?

Mini Album 3

My project is up and live on the Art Anthology blog and I linked it up at Paper Issues for the "Paint By Numbers" issue.  This project is rather unique in that I asked my kids to contribute to it.  I asked each kid to decorate a page in anyway they wanted with the exception of my oldest, Madison.  Her art of choice is poetry.

As they worked on their pages, I thought about what they learn from art.  The results of these two ideas resulted in what I call an unexpected “2-fer”. I inadvertently ended up with two mini albums in one.  One side features the kids' artwork, the other is what they've learned by studying and making art.

Take a look and view a different perspective.  After all, the EARTH without ART is just…..eh.

Mini Album 1
An unexpected delight....

Mini Album 2

What does art teach our kids?  Art teaches perspective, tolerance, creativity, and imagination.

Mini Album 4 


04 March 2015

A House of Whimsy

Hello Muses!  I am so glad to be back in the groove of being crafty and creative!  My not-so-first post as a member of the Art Anthology Dream Team is live on their blog and it's a doozy! 

Likin' what you see?  You can learn how I did it by checking out my tutorial post on the Art Anthology blog!