22 January 2015

Week 2 Is in the Baaaag!

Have I told you guys how much I am totally *diggin'* Project Life?!  Today, I have my Week 2 spread ready and rarin' to go!  I do admit that these project photos aren't as spectacular as last week's.  Fighting with cloudy, windy, dreary, overcast skies today and they kind of won.  ::shaking fist::

I used an assortment of cards from various Project Life Core Kits as well as embellishments from my January Hip Kit.  Why discriminate?  There's room for e'rythang in here!  And I have to say, those cork embellishments are the BOOOMB diggity!

Week 2 was a good week!  We checked out a new restaurant with some friends, ate some horse heart and kangaroo, had drinks, and my son had a minor meltdown over math homework. Yep.  Welcome to my life.

One thing to remember:  It's not sacrilegious to glue embellishments directly onto the photo.  True story.

Basashi = horse heart.......and it's DELICIOUS!  DELICIOUS I tell you!!!

Aaaaah and here we are at meltdown city topped with a cocoa rice krispie treat and the official start to some diving fun.  Aren't you "feeling the love"??!!  ::sarcasm::

One thing I do love about Project Life is that is lets me use tools and items I bought swearing I'd use them on ALL THE THIIIIIIIINGS but they ended up being shoved into a cabinet, used as a paper weight, or just straight up forgotten like an old pair of shoes in the back of the closet. As Justin Timberlake said, "I'm bringin' embossin' back!"

I have a box of Thin Mints calling my name so until next time.......


10 January 2015

Project Life 2015: No, For Real This Time!

Well hellooooooo Muses!  Can you believe it's 2015 already?!  Where has time gone?!  A new year, a new thing to focus on.  Notice any changes?  I started the new year off by giving the ol' bloggity blog a make-over!  It's still a work in progress but it should be completed by the end of this week!

And now on to the fun!  This year, in keeping with my One Little Word, "balance", I've decided to take on a pretty big, well, undertaking.  Project Life.  No, for real this time!

Today, I have my first spread!  I'm so proud of myself that I'm not behind!!!!  And yes.  By this point, I'm usually behind.

For Week 1, instead of focusing on the entire week, I wanted to focus on one day, January 4.  We went to Futenma Gongen for Hatsumode, the New Year tradition here in Japan.  This place is a Shinto shrine that is believed to be over 500 years old.  The kids really enjoyed it and thought it was cool to experience a different culture and religion in such a real way.

This is Futenma Gongen.  I thought the photo itself was enough so I didn't add anything to it.  The second photo is of our shimekazari.  It's a rope decorated with good luck charms for the new year.

There's those lovely alphas all up close and personal. Those Thickers were so perfect for this spread.....and my newest "go to" item in my craft stash. The sticker on the green Project Life card shows a sheep.  2015 is the year of sheep or ram.  And no kidding!  "Say What?" It's 2015!!!

Another Hatsumode tradition is tying the omikuji to ropes.  This is piece of paper tells your fortune of the upcoming year and tying it to the rope is said to bring more good fortune and lessen the bad.  We didn't draw an omikuji because I cannot read the kanji on the paper.  Needless to say, the kids thoroughly enjoyed it anyway.

And with that, I say, "Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu!"  Happy New Year!


24 December 2014

My First Pocket Style Page

Merry Christmas, Muses!!  Holy cow has it been one hell of a year!  So much so, I have completely neglected this blog and for that, I apologize.  However, I did not come back here just to share and apology!  No!  I actually have something to share with you!

I decided some time ago that I wanted to give pocket scrappin' a go.  After several months and a day-to-day-life change (see:  a job -_- ), I have finally finished one!  I even had dear, ol' hubs go with me just so I could get some fresh photos.  We decided to head to Kokusai Street because there is always something to see there.

What did we see?  Well, I'll share the best stuff in later posts but for now, here's my first pocket spread and I gotta say.  Not only am I hooked, I really love how it turned out.

Top photo is Kokusai Street.  Bottom photo is Makishi Public Market (and it's AWESOME!)

Here are a few more close ups!

 It's like each pocket is its own little mini canvas!

A li'l bit of sewing, a regular ol' arrow paper clip I picked up in the stationery section of the Aeon, some decorative masking tape, and of course, paint splatter is just what made this row perfect.  The hiragana at the bottom of the card reads "Kokusai".

What is a spread without a little bit of Art Anthology love?!  I used the Mermaid Dimensional Crystal paint over those awesomely awesome Thickers.  And why stop there?  I tried a little bit of crazy stitching with my machine.  You can see it peek-a-booing in red on the card.

 And voila!  There you (and I) have my first pocket scrappin' page!  I'm off to get more done!  It's like crack I tell ya!

Cheers!   ::twitch::

14 August 2014

"Our Okinawa Adventure"

Helloooooo Muses!  Today, I have a very exciting post for you.  It's exciting because it's my very first post as part of the Art Anthology Dream Team!  I have long dreamed of being a part of this superbly talented team.  Talk about a "pinch me" moment.

I have decided to delve into the world of pocket scrapping as a way to document our many, many adventures we have had and will continue to have while here on Okinawa.  Below, I am showing off the cover of my album I plan on using.  I dressed up the cover to an 8.5x11 chipboard album.

For more details as well as a super easy how-to on this project, please visit the Art Anthology blog.  I hope you all come along with me on this amazing artsy journey!


08 August 2014

Time to Catch Up!

Has it really been so long since I've blogged?  Wow.  Time is just flying by.  Things here have been almost chaotically busy with the kids being on summer break, my youngest playing T-ball, and me having a part time job.  Some things end up bypassing the back burner all together.  So I guess I'll use this post to make a couple announcements.

Firstly, I am extremely proud to announce that I have joined the superbly talented team over at Art Anthology.  Some of you may know that I've been a fan of their products for some time and to say that I am thrilled to be part of such a phenomenal team is an understatement.  I only hope to do their products as well as the rest of my teammates justice.

My final announcement is that while Gauche Alchemy may have suspended the retail side of things while I am living overseas, we have decided to keep the blog up and running but we changed the format.  Gauche Alchemy will now be a challenge blog where we hope to stoke those creative fires in new, innovative ways that will stay true to the Gauche Alchemy vision.

This month's challenge is hosted by Gauche Mama Heather and is absolutely inspiring.

Be sure to stop by the Gauche Alchemy blog for details on this month's challenge, how to upload your entry, as well as the prize that is up for grabs.