24 November 2015

A Christmas Wreath That Wows!

Happy day before Thanksgiving!  At least, where I live it's the day before Thanksgiving.  And as such, I have another holiday craft for you!  In my family, it's tradition to get the Christmas tree up and the decorations hung the day after Thanksgiving.  What are Christmas decorations without a wreath?!  (And what's this blog without ANOTHER wreath? ::snort::)

This wreath looks all sorts of expensive doesn't it?  Wrong!  Buy a big ol' tub of plastic ornaments for $20, a crap ton of hot glue sticks, a few glittery floral sprays and cool ass bow and get to gluin'!

My cool ass bow has it goin' on, doesn't it?  This wreath took about 3 hours from start to finish.

Mix up the sizes, colors and designs for a more unique look.  Throw some glittery flowers in there to hide holes you may have missed along the way.

I had some of these tiny present ornaments I had intended for another project but they didn't work well with it so onto the wreath they went!  I got these from Retro Cafe Art.

And there you have!  It's a great way to use up ornaments that are damaged or missing the hook hangy thingamabobber.  Downside is now I have to go get more ornaments for the tree!  LOL!


14 November 2015

Welcome to Christmas Town!

Howdy Muses!  It's been a while since I've blogged, I know.  I've been preoccupied with a new toy....Fallout 4!  I knooooow!  I'm such a geeeeeeek but I can't help it!  I blame my husband. ;)

I have a holiday project for you today.  Remember Halloween Village I did not too long ago?  Well, I ordered two sets of these villages from Retro Cafe Art so that I can also do a Christmas themed one.  I know!  Novel idea right?

Now don't those buildings look familiar?  I was going for whimsical without it being cutesy.  Cutesy ain't my thang.  Nope nope nope.

Want an easy snowy effect?  Bust out that DecoArt Snow-Tex and some Glamour Dust.  Takes literally seconds to apply.

Instead of relying heavily on my embossing powders for this village, which I did use as well, my go-to was an awesome Christmas DCWV stack I had forgotten I had.  The papers were perfect and there were enough patterns that I felt like each house had it's own look instead of them looking recycled.

These tiny primitive angels were absolute perfection for my li'l church.  I swear by heat embossing when it comes to simple but effective decoration, especially since I suuuuuuuuck at drawing and a big reason why my angels and Santa are creepily faceless.

Gah!  Isn't my flying reindeer just the bees knees?  You know you wanna touch it.  Just touch it.  TOUCH IT!  It's ok.  You can.

Let me tell you!  After I was done with this project, it looked like a gentlemen's club up in here if ya know what I mean.  Glitter e'rywheeeere!

Thanks again for stopping by!  Now go get yo' holiday craft on!  Now!  Seriously.  Right now.

Note:  I did not link individual supplies in the supply list this time because you can see it's a lot.  Most of the stuff you can get at Retro Cafe Art.


Supply List:
Pine Lake Village (Retro Cafe Art)
Chapel Hill Village (Retro Cafe Art)
Christmas Paper Stack (DCWV)
Glitter (DecoArt, Doodlebug, Piccolo)
Snow-Tex Paint (DecoArt)
Bottle Brush Trees (Retro Cafe Art)
Santa (Retro Cafe Art)
String Lights (Retro Cafe Art)
Reindeer (Retro Cafe Art)
Primitive Angels (Retro Cafe Art)
Snowflake (Retro Cafe Art)
Dove (Retro Cafe Art)
Glass Glitter (Retro Cafe Art)
Snowman (Retro Cafe Art)
Star (Retro Cafe Art)
Beading Wire
Acrylic Paint (Liquitex)
Embossing Powders (Piccolo)
Bead Trims (May Arts)
Ribbon Trim (May Arts)

31 October 2015

Fluffy Filter Wreath

Happy Halloween to all of you beautiful Muses out there!  I hope you have enjoyed yourselves.  This is my most favorite time of year and I'm still on the festive crafty train.

I started this wreath some time ago and finally finished the filter part of it about a month or so past.  I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to finish it off so I just let it hang out on my wreath stand as I dove into my Halloween craft to-do list.

Now that Halloween has come and gone, I finally figured out how to finish this fluffy bad boy off.

So fluffy right?!  This wreath is definitely a big one done on an 18" straw wreath form.  To finish it off, I just used my strand of clear beads and an awesome burlap bow.  Keepin' it simple always works.

I plan on leaving this beauty on my door during the months where I don't have a specifically themed wreath to display.  It's perfect!


Supply List:
18" Wreath Form
Coffee Filters
Burlap Ribbon (May Arts)
Bead Strand (May Arts)
hot glue gun

24 October 2015

This Is Halloween....Town!

Well hello you guys!  Can you believe it's almost Halloween?!  Where has 2015 gone?  I'll be honest with you, the last half of the year is always my favorite.  I especially love the Fall.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas.  What's not to love?

This blog post is going to be reeeeally picture heavy so I hope you are ready!  I have a pretty cool Halloween project to share with you today.  What's great about this particular project is that you don't need to be a mixed media maven to do it!

Just bust out that scrapbooking paper you have loads of, some embossing powders, and a really cool embossing folder and go to town!

See?  Simple stuff using stuff you probably already have!

I have had the Pine Lake village kit from Retro Cafe Art in my stash for over a year and finally got around to dressing it all up.  Take a look at that house!  All done up in Brownstone embossing powder from Piccolo.  I even managed to use some cool Retro Cafe Art skullies and shined him up a bit with Inka Gold paint.

Use your embossing folders and add some creepiness to your paper!  Get even more definition by rubbing more of that awesome Inka Gold over the embossing.  Save your spiderweb corner pieces and make a spooktacular trellis.  Add a creepy bus stop man and call this piece done!

Dress up your roof edge with dresden and be sure to SAVE THOSE WINDOW NEGATIVES!  What do you think my gravestones are made from?

Look at that spooky awesomeness?  I just love how this turned out!  This set uses the Chapel Hill village kit.  I dressed both sets up with some fabulous gothic fences and old trees.

More dresden and always pay attention to details!  Dress up those windows with watercolor paper and pencils or stick something creepy cool inside like spiders and webs left over from your cut outs!  Add a li'l bat cut out for that perfect Halloween touch.

What's a haunted Halloween Town without it's creepy, creaky old church!  I swapped the door out for a coffin and added a spider to it.

See my gravestones?  They are the negatives from the windows in both of these kits.  Save them!  add some modeling paste and gray paint for instant headstones!

So much depth in such a small space!  It's all about the details.  Use some floral moss for that added bit of ka-POW.

The glorious thing with this project is that you do not need to be a mixed media guru to play with such great toys.  Use what you have and rely on what you know.  Simple techniques really make this project stand out.

Now plow through your stash and get busy!


Supply List:

Pine Lake Stand-Up Village kit (Retro Cafe Art)
Chapel Hill Stand-Up Village kit (Retro Cafe Art)
Bus Stop Man (Retro Cafe Art)
Spider Web Cut-Outs (Retro Cafe Art)
Skulls (Retro Cafe Art)
Gothic Fences (Retro Cafe Art)
Dead Tree Stand-Ups (Retro Cafe Art)
Bat Cut-Outs (Retro Cafe Art)
Dresden Borders (Retro Cafe Art)
Inka Gold Paints (Retro Cafe Art)
Embossing Powders (Piccolo)
Floral Moss
Watercolor Paper
Watercolor Pencils (Derwent)
Brick Embossing folder (Tim Holtz for Sizzix)
Chalk Inks (Prima)
Modeling Paste (Liquitex)
Acrylic Paint (Liquitex)
Black Gesso (Golden)
Patterned Paper (Chickanidee, Basic Grey, Studio Calico)

12 October 2015

La Muerte Crown

Hello Muses!  Hey guess what?!  I have *another* finished project for you today!  I've been a crafting machine since the much awaited return of my mojo and I am loving every single moment of it.

Since I've already done a Halloween thing, let's change it up and do a Day of the Dead thing.  And this one won't disappoint!

I used another fabulous Regal Santos Crown from Retro Cafe Art as my base.  The shape of this one was just perfect for a La Muerte crown.

Gah!  How beautiful did this turn out?!  I love it.

See that wonderful skull?  It's a fantastic piece from Sandra Evertson's "Relics & Artifacts" line and they are glorious!  I want them all.  This particular skull comes from the "Ancient Soul" set, also available from Retro Cafe Art as well as Sandra's online shop.

Ok.  Let's be real here.  Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely suuuuuuuck when it comes to drawing.  This bad boy was done in one shot using a VERY permanent pen.  I gotta say that I impressed myself!  I did slap down a coat of gesso before I started my fingers crossed doodling.

Do you want to know the absolute best way to get gloriously colored flowers and blooms?  Purchase white flowers and spray those suckers yourself!  Seriously!  This fabulously vivid color was achieved by spraying plain ol' white roses from Wild Orchid Crafts with Dylusions spray in "Post Box Red" and "Lemon Zest".  Spray and then just let it bleeeeeeed together.  It's magic.  Top it off with some Viva Inka Gold paint.

Have some straight pins you don't know what to do with?  Tell them to shove it and then shove them! Stick in there so they are nice and secure and not sticking out through the backside of the crown.  We are going for a La Muerte look not a Pinhead look.

As for those fabulous skully beads, you can find awesome stuff if you dig around on ebay for a bit.

"But Chrissy!  What about that base?"  ::cue Megan Trainor::  Hey.  You know I'm all about that base and the best way to texturize a chipboard base like this is to heat emboss that suckah!  I used my ol' reliable embossing powders by Piccolo.  This one is "Vintage Black" and vintage is exactly what I was going for.

That lovely red border you see there is a wonderful thing called dresden and you neeeeeeds it in yo' life!  It's dainty, delicate, and kind of behaves like a really thick foil but it's not.  You can order it from Retro Cafe Art as well as Sandra Evertson's online shop.  I jazzed mine up a bit......ok not really.  I needed for it to go mo' bettah with the general color scheme and feel of the crown.  I busted out my Inka Gold adult finger paints (because that's what they are only cooler) and lightly brushed the surface of the dresden.

Add some cool beads you may have lying around and highlight the points of the crown (once again with your really cool finger paints) and you have a Day of the Dead crown that people would just, waaaait for iiiiiit,  *DIE* for!!  ::snort::

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderfully wicked Halloween!


Supply List:

Regal Santos Crown Style 1 (Retro Cafe Art)
Ancient Soul Relic Set (Retro Cafe Art)
Viva Inka Golds paints (Retro Cafe Art)
Red Dresden Fancy Scalloped Border (Retro Cafe Art)
Glass Beads (Oriental Trading Company)
Mulberry Roses (Wild Orchid Crafts)
Spray Inks (Dylusions)
Chain, Straight Pins, Skull Beads (from my stash)